simply be happy

Do and experience the things that make you happy more often – and make them happen.

By doing so, you will live a happier and more self-determined life.

The concept

The concept of HappyAppy is simple, but very effective and inspiring for the happiness management in your private life.

HappyAppy is a smartphone app that combines insights from happiness research with the tracking of activities and events that increase your happiness. User-friendliness, an attractive design and data protection are key elements of this new app.

It allows you to implement your ideas of happiness systematically without spending much time on it. But you will feel the beneficial effect immediately.

  • Set Priorities

    Simply use the Activity Board to define what is important in your life. The app assists you in boosting your happiness every day.

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  • Be Active

    Record your daily activities and experiences.
    Your HappyScore will increase the more active you are.

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  • Reflect

    What was the particular event of your day? Capture the highlight with a photo and collect beautiful memories.

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Product Information

Available in German and English


Download or delete data at any time

Your user data is well protected

It´s free


How it works

Set Priorities

- What is really important in my life? What things do I want to spend my time on? What do I stand for?
- What am I planning to do and experience (more often)? What do I want to do less or quit?

You want to exercise regularly, keep cherished friendships afloat, pursue your hobbies more intensively. Or get involved in charitable work, work less or more, go to the theatre more often, experience nature or learn a foreign language. Or you want to strengthen the relationship with your parents or children, stop smoking or laugh more often and share joy with others.

We call these intentions, goals or events Activities. You can create them in the Activity Board.
Please always check first whether this is really an activity or a single event.

  • Limit the number of activities by grouping similar activities. Use the comment function to describe the single event in a differentiated way.
    You go running on a regular basis. Then you should create the activity Running. If you practise sporadically different sports disciplines, you can create the activity Sports and add a comment, specifying whether you went running or swimming.

  • Try to choose a short and catchy name for each activity.

  • Decide how important the activity is to your happiness.
    The scale of points ranges from -1 (a vice that I want to give up) to +3 (super happy).
    For specific situations you may allocate different points to your activities. For example, you have selected +1 for the activity Cooking with friends. As you surpassed yourself in cooking today, you get +2 points this time.

What does the SAPHIR categories stand for?

The SAPHIR categories cover various aspects that usually play an important role in a happy life. For a balanced life, it makes sense to choose a couple of activities from these categories.

Activities with friends, good conversations, partnership and love, family, laughter, …

Good deeds, gratitude, spirituality and faith, social commitment, helpfulness, effective problem-solving, …

Enjoying being together, fulfilling a wish, giving presents, going on holiday, rethinking one’s own consumer behaviour, …

Exercise and sport, healthy nutrition, spending time with animals, getting rid of bad habits, enjoying nature, …

Education and learning, making decisions and setting goals, doing something new, being creative, cultural activities, …

Professional success, implementation of projects, mastering challenges, self-discipline, having done a good job, …

By customising the Activity Board you create an individual basis and a roadmap for taking control of your happiness. You thus reprioritize your everyday life and focus on a self-determined way of life.

> Choose who you want to be and develop your talents and strengths
> Set goals and reward yourself when you reach them
> Try to balance your expectations
> Dealing with your own well-being already makes you happier

How it works

Be Active

- What did I do today to be happy?

You need to make sure that the plans you entered in the Activity Board will be implemented and the really important things in your life actually happen. Not just once, but as often as possible.
Try to make recording of your activities and moments of happiness a daily routine.

Was does HappyScore stand for?

You will have an opening balance of 100 points when you install HappyAppy. This is your HappyScore. With every activity you complete, you collect points and keep on feeding your HappyScore. The increased awareness of moments of happiness will become a routine that will have a positive effect on your thinking and acting, allowing you to take the necessary steps towards a happier life.

However, there’s a snag to it: every day your HappyScore decreases a bit. You must be active every day to maintain or increase your HappyScore.
You can’t say across the board that someone with a higher HappyScore is happier. Don’t compare yourself to others.
Within about three months, a stable, subjectively meaningful level of happiness will be reached. Maintaining or increasing this level through deliberate action is the core task of your happiness management.

> Decide to start with the implementation of your plans
> Collect your happy moments - every day
> Put in that extra effort in everything you do
> Be proud of your reality, not your possibilities

How it works


In addition to setting priorities and living an active life, reflection and awareness are indispensable for lasting happiness. Think of the past hours and try to grasp what made this day special in your life. Ask yourself the following questions:

- What do I want to remember when I think about today?
- What was the most important or special (not necessarily the most beautiful) moment of the day?

Enter the highlight of your day (with a photo if you like). Looking back, you will clearly remember the day due to this highlight. In addition to the main task of increasing the HappyScore as an expression of an active life, a digital happiness diary is created in which your memories are recorded with context and photos.

HappyAppy contains numerous evaluations. In addition to the HappyScore trend of the last week or month, there are analyses of the SAPHIR categories and of single events or a projection into the future. This information allows you to assess your current situation and provides orientation, impulses and suggestions for your happiness management.

> Know who you are and be proud of what you have achieved
> Hold on to what you want to remember
> Do not compare yourself with others, only with your expectations
> Be curious and open to change – check your routines

If you use HappyAppy conscientious and daily, and if your are honest with yourself and get involved in the procedure described here, then an increasingly valuable tool for a self-determined lifestyle will be build up.

It is simple to be happy.